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Tools for new contributors


If you wish to contribute data, here you can find the model tables e some codes to help prepare data on the format used by HERBASE. We are using the datalong format, as this is more efficient for management. On the HERBASE datalong format, each line is the count (number of individuals) and/or %cover of a species in a plot. Since this differ from the datawide format (sites x species) commonly used, we provide a code to convert from datawide to datalong.

We also advise the taxonomic checking of your species before sending the data, using some of the tools referred below. The HERBASE taxonomic committee will also re-check that.


Flora do Brasil Online 2020:

Package FLORA (R):

Package TAXIZE (R):

Tools to support new herb inventories

If you plan to start new herb inventories, check out our suggested protocols and some materials to assist in identification:

  • Suggested protocols for herb inventories
  • Example of one protocol for ferns used on the PPBio network

  • Identification guides for some herb groups

Guide for the identification of Zingiberales of the Eastern Brazilian Amazon

Guide for the identification of Zingiberales of the Western Brazilian Amazon

Guide for the identification of leguminous herbs of Boa Vista savanas

Guide for the identification of macrophytes of PPBio sites in Roraima

Guide for the identification of Ferns and Lycophytes of Uatumã reserve

Guide for the identification of Marantaceae of Ducke and Uatumã reserves

Field guide to aquatic herbs of the Amazon varzea

Field Guides of the Chicago Field Museum


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